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17 Jun

Papa’s Got You Covered! Enjoy 30% Off Hosting With Our Papa Day Deals

Have you been thinking about starting an online business or maybe even changing your hosting plan? You’re just in time for our 2022 Papa Day deals! In case you're new here, Papa knows what's best for our customers, and we’re sure you’ll love our hosting discounts. From June 17-24, 2022, four of our amazing hosting services are deeply discounted to celebrate Papa Day: Shared Hosting - 30% off (36-month terms)Optimized WordPress Hosting off - 30% (36-month terms)Managed WordPress Hosting off - 30% (24-month terms)VPS Hosting - 30% off (36-month terms) Don’t know which service is...

10 Jun

How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business

We’ve all heard the buzz around this new trending industry which is a side hustle for some, and a full-time job for others. One thing we’ve confirmed through our research, though, is that the luxury picnic business has picked up super-speed in the last two years of the pandemic and is a highly profitable entrepreneurship venture that runs low on running costs and brings in maximum profits.  The pandemic brought many unfortunate experiences we never thought life would throw at us. Losing our jobs and being forced to stay cooped up...

8 Jun

How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website – 2022

The importance of creating a mobile-friendly website cannot be stressed enough. So today, we're going to talk about mobile websites and how important it is for your own business.  Did you know that around 80% of consumers say that if they go to a business website and it’s not mobile-friendly, they leave right away and then go to a competitor's site?  Say you're a small business owner getting about a thousand visits every month. Half of those are more likely coming from mobile devices. People usually don’t stay on a website for...

6 Jun

Dreamweaver vs WordPress – Which is Better? [2022]

Dreamweaver and WordPress are both sophisticated web development platforms. Dreamweaver requires coding experience, whereas WordPress allows users with no design or coding knowledge to create a full-featured website. The average small business owner does not have a web design background, nor do they have the coding experience required for modern web development. With that in mind, let's look at Dreamweaver and WordPress to determine which would be a better choice for small business owners who need to create a website. What is Dreamweaver?What is WordPress?Differences Between WordPress and DreamweaverDreamweaver vs WordPress: Final...

30 May

How to Migrate From Weebly to WordPress – Complete Guide

When it comes to building a website, Weebly is one of the best options out there. Not only does it provide a free plan to begin with, but its support provision makes it pretty easy for the website owners to get hold of the software.   However, you have to upgrade your plan when you want to expand your website. Instead of upgrading, there’s a more efficient option: migrate your website to WordPress.org. Weebly VS WordPressThings to Consider Before Migrating From Weebly to WordPressMethods to Migrate a Weebly Website to WordPressThings to Take...

27 May

How to Migrate From Squarespace to WordPress – A Complete Guide

If you want your business to expand and grow, you need a reliable online presence, and nothing shows credibility like a good website.  With Squarespace, you can easily make your online store or portfolio website with ready-made templates, but customization and flexibility are not Squarespace's strong suits. As a result, many users go for a better and more customizable platform, WordPress.  Squarespace VS WordPressWhy You Should Consider Moving From Squarespace to WordPressThings to Consider Before Migrating from Squarespace to WordPress6 Steps To Migrate From Squarespace to WordPressExport Squarespace ContentImport Content from Squarespace...