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Why get a .online domain?

Did you know almost 80% of people search for what they need online? Most of them won’t trust a business or organization without a website.

Using a .online domain indicates to visitors that you are a serious organization or business; .online domains have some unique benefits, some of which include:

  1. Increase SEO

    Using a .online domain can boost SEO rankings for specific searches.

  2. Protect your brand

    Register your .online domain and ensure customers find you, and not one of your competitors, when looking for your brand online.

  3. Stand out

    A .online domain can make you stand out from more generic domains, like .com.

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How to register a .online domain

  1. Enter your desired domain name in the field below to confirm it’s available.

  2. Select the domain name you want from the options presented.

  3. Create your account and confirm your selection.

  4. Done! Login to your HostPapa dashboard to manage your .online domain.

Anyone can register a .online

Limited Time Offer

Get your new .online domain for only $49.99!

Regular price $61.99